Detroit Knights

Welcome to the home of the Detroit Knights, where championship dreams become reality under the guidance of our exceptional coaching staff. Led by Head Coach Reggie “Jetson” Eubanks and Defensive Coach Stevenson, we’re poised to make waves in the arena football scene with our unparalleled expertise and championship mentality.

Meet our coaching team:

Reggie “Jetson” Eubanks – Head Coach:
As the driving force behind the Detroit Knights, Head Coach Reggie “Jetson” Eubanks brings a wealth of experience and a winning mindset to our organization. With a knack for strategic brilliance and a passion for developing talent, Coach Jetson is committed to leading our team to greatness on and off the field. His leadership sets the standard for excellence within our organization, inspiring players and fans alike to reach for the stars.

Stevenson – Defensive Coach:
Joining us with an impressive resume of coaching accomplishments, Defensive Coach Stevenson is a true mastermind of the game. With a track record of leading new organizations to championships and earning respect throughout the Semi-Pro Community, Coach Stevenson’s defensive skills and coaching abilities are second to none. With three championship wins in seven years of coaching, his dedication to excellence and championship mentality are sure to elevate our defensive program to new heights in the arena football arena.

At the Detroit Knights, we’re more than just a team – we’re a family united by our passion for the game and our unwavering commitment to success. With Coach Jetson and Coach Stevenson at the helm, we’re ready to write the next chapter of Detroit Knights’ history and etch our names in the annals of arena football greatness